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For drop-off location, please click on the Location button at the bottom of this site. (Onsite Services is available for San Francisco only)

(CompTIA A+ Certified Technician, City and State Licensed)

Hi, my name is Tom.

I’m here to help you solve your computer problems for your home and business.

I have had a great passion with computers ever since I was a little kid in 1995 and have gone way beyond what people learn in text books at school.

My prices are pretty reasonable and competitive for my skill level, and I charge a flat rate for my services so you don’t get charge by the hour and “pay people to learn on the job”, because they can mess up and make your problem even worse, that happens a lot to people who look for bargains and find people who “claims to be a tech”.

If you are looking for the high quality tech services that’s cheaper and much better than Bestbuy GeekSquad/Fry’s TechTeam with fast turnaround, then I’m the person you are searching for.

I do onsite services within San Francisco but onsite prices are much more expensive because of dedicated time versus shared time. The travel time is one thing, when I go onsite, I cannot help other customers who drop-off their computers.

There are people out there who would do onsite for dirt cheap because they have a lot of free time. The last time I heard, the person cashed my customer’s check and didn’t fix anything. Instead of running diagnostic to find out the cause of the problem then backup the files from a malfunctioned drive that is about to crash then replace it with a new one, he left the malfunctioned drive in the computer and took off. By the time I got to the computer, the drive has already crashed, because the customer has already used the malfunctioned drive for a week, it was a disaster.

Turnaround Time:

I usually provide same day service and my turnaround is within 24 hours, so you can get your machine back on the same day or next day depends on what time you drop it off.

Contact Info and Business Hours:

I’m available Saturday and Sunday, so feel free to call me if you have questions or need a quote on your problems.

You may reach me on my cell phone: 415-573-7938 If I’m unable to answer the call, please leave a voice mail with your call back number and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Products and Services (** Tech’s Specialty, you can think of it as Chef’s Special)


Horoscope Calculator v1.0 – Road to true happiness, a free project aim to lower divorce rate and solve people problems by comparing their personalities. **

True Custom High Performance Gaming/3D Design/Rendering/Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cryptocurrency mining Desktop with Overclocking **

(There’s no reason to get custom computer if you don’t want overclocking to get performance of the future, because parts are higher quality and cost more. If you thought your computer was custom made because someone put it together, you are better off buying mass production computer from Dell, because they do the same thing.)

Repair Services:

Diagnostic & Repair for Desktop and Laptop **

Virus & Spyware Clean without System Wipe/Format **

Data Backup, Transfer and Recovery

DSL & Cable Internet Repair and Install

Wireless Network & Internet Troubleshooting, Repair & Install

Windows Administrator Password Recovery/Reset

BIOS Password Recovery & Reset

Upgrade Services:

Best PC Tune Up in United States (Works on both Brand New Factory Sealed or Used Computers) **

Photos Scanning Service to CD/DVD or Flash Drive, turn your old photos to digital PC format.

Windows 8 Startmenu Setup (Hate Windows 8 Metro? Want Startmenu back?)

Hard drive/SSD upgrade, drive cloning for Files and Software Preservation **

Overclocking for Custom High Performance Desktop **

Wireless Coverage & Signal Strength Upgrade, from No Sign/1 Bar to 4/5 Bars **

Desktop and Laptop Memory and Software Upgrades

Downgrade Windows Vista/8 to Windows XP/7

VOIP Phone Lines Installation for Home and Office

and more… call me and ask if it’s not on the list.

If you are here to read or write reviews about my services, please click on the Comments link.

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