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For drop-off location, please click on the Location button at the bottom of this site. (Onsite Services is available for San Francisco only)

(CompTIA A+ Certified Technician, City and State Licensed)

Hi, my name is Tom.

I’m here to help you solve your computer problems for your home and business.

I have had a great passion with computers ever since I was a little kid in 1995 and have gone way beyond what people learn in text books at school.

My prices are pretty reasonable and competitive for my skill level, and I charge a flat rate for my services so you don’t get charge by the hour and “pay people to learn on the job”, because they can mess up and make your problem even worse, that happens a lot to people who look for bargains and find people who “claims to be a tech”.

If you are looking for the high quality tech services that’s cheaper and much better than Bestbuy GeekSquad/Fry’s TechTeam with fast turnaround, then I’m the person you are searching for.

I do onsite services within San Francisco but onsite prices are much more expensive because of dedicated time versus shared time. The travel time is one thing, when I go onsite, I cannot help other customers who drop-off their computers.

There are people out there who would do onsite for dirt cheap because they have a lot of free time. The last time I heard, the person cashed my customer’s check and didn’t fix anything. Instead of running diagnostic to find out the cause of the problem then backup the files from a malfunctioned drive that is about to crash then replace it with a new one, he left the malfunctioned drive in the computer and took off. By the time I got to the computer, the drive has already crashed, because the customer has already used the malfunctioned drive for a week, it was a disaster.

Turnaround Time:

I usually provide same day service and my turnaround is within 24 hours, so you can get your machine back on the same day or next day depends on what time you drop it off.

Contact Info and Business Hours:

I’m available Saturday and Sunday, so feel free to call me if you have questions or need a quote on your problems.

You may reach me on my cell phone: 415-573-7938 If I’m unable to answer the call, please leave a voice mail with your call back number and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Products and Services (** Tech’s Specialty, you can think of it as Chef’s Special)


Horoscope Calculator v1.0 – Road to true happiness, a free project aim to lower divorce rate and solve people problems by comparing their personalities. **

True Custom High Performance Gaming/3D Design/Rendering/Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cryptocurrency mining Desktop with Overclocking **

(There’s no reason to get custom computer if you don’t want overclocking to get performance of the future, because parts are higher quality and cost more. If you thought your computer was custom made because someone put it together, you are better off buying mass production computer from Dell, because they do the same thing.)

Repair Services:

Diagnostic & Repair for Desktop and Laptop **

Virus & Spyware Clean without System Wipe/Format **

Data Backup, Transfer and Recovery

DSL & Cable Internet Repair and Install

Wireless Network & Internet Troubleshooting, Repair & Install

Windows Administrator Password Recovery/Reset

BIOS Password Recovery & Reset

Upgrade Services:

Best PC Tune Up in United States (Works on both Brand New Factory Sealed or Used Computers) **

Photos Scanning Service to CD/DVD or Flash Drive, turn your old photos to digital PC format.

Windows 8 Startmenu Setup (Hate Windows 8 Metro? Want Startmenu back?)

Hard drive/SSD upgrade, drive cloning for Files and Software Preservation **

Overclocking for Custom High Performance Desktop **

Wireless Coverage & Signal Strength Upgrade, from No Sign/1 Bar to 4/5 Bars **

Desktop and Laptop Memory and Software Upgrades

Downgrade Windows Vista/8 to Windows XP/7

VOIP Phone Lines Installation for Home and Office

and more… call me and ask if it’s not on the list.

If you are here to read or write reviews about my services, please click on the Comments link.

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  1. ONCE AGAIN, Tom’s Computer Has Come Through For Me,
    Mr. Tom You is an Excellent Technician,and For The Second Time Has Provided me with Excellent Service, I Plan on Keeping Him For all My Computer Needs,
    Thanks Again Tom–=Your The Greatest,
    Roy J. Dell’Isola
    #639 Cayuga Avenue
    San Francisco,Ca.94112

  2. I Was Having Trouble For Two Weeks Of Absolute Computer Hell,
    when Finally I Found Tom You,
    My Stepdaughter Diana,
    Who Could No Longer See Me Suffer Without My Computer,and see me hurt so badly—-=sent me straight to tom—=AND TOM EXPLAINED TO ME ALL THE PROBLEMS IN DETAIL WITH MY COMPUTER,

  3. F.R. London says:

    Tom is great. He really knows computers and will provide you with options that will get your system humming. His prices are ok, his service and integrity are outstanding.

  4. Neil Bachers says:

    I’ve had a few other computer builders and repair people, but Tom is my finest, and last, computer guy. At this point, I wouldn’t think of taking my computer to anyone else. He’s done software and recovery for me; he’s done repairs and upgrades. He replaced my mechanical hard drive with a solid state one in my desktop, and it’s just like buying a new computer. I’ve brought other peoples’ computers to Tom, and he never fails to fix them and remove all the viruses and malware. I can, and do, recommend Tom You with no reservations.

  5. Lina Long says:

    Tom has fixed two computers for me. My notebook with a 2GB RAM runs like a 4GB laptop after he did a tune-up and cleaned all the viruses! To be honest, I think he truly knows a lot about computers! He is the computer guy you would wanna go to!
    I wanna tell him, thank you, Tom!

  6. Lina Long says:

    Tom was excellent! He was able to solve all the problems in my laptop. There were so many viruses found that I had never noticed the existence of them. You know, they are viruses, so they always attempt to hide from you. Meanwhile, the security problems accumulate. The longer you wait, the more vulnerable your computer becomes. That was what happened to my laptop. When I noticed my laptop became slow, I kept ignoring it until my laptop went on a strike. Then I told Tom about it. I know he tried to help. And it worked! He was very professional!

    So I learned my lesson! If you are hesitating about whether or not to have your computer fixed yet, now is the time to make up your mind. Stop hesitating and get connected with Tom! Imagine how fast your computer would become, and most importantly, how safe you would feel when using your own computer! Don’t wait! 🙂 He’s awesome!

  7. Sabrina Lei says:


  8. Amiee Chan says:

    My friend suggest Tom to me for my computer upgrade. Tom did a great job. He fixed my computer within 6 hrs. At first my computer was slow. I was not use to with window 8 version. He cleaned up viruses and upgraded window 8 to 8.1. Also my computer is running faster than before with his tune up. He is reliable and fast. He check and take responsible to his work. He has a lot of knowledge with his work. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.

  9. Delilah Shank says:

    800 viruses OMG No wonder the computer was such a mess! I have my computer returned with new life. I’ve two other Macs and was about to just say farewell to this PC. (Macs definitely aren’t riddled like the PC -, but there’s so much of my life on this one. ) And now it is like the phoenix has risen from the ashes. Many, many thanks to Tom. At last I know where to go to get the old girl humming.

  10. Denise Foster says:

    My laptop, which I use for my employment, was turning on but the screen showed no icons. I called the warranty company, which is back East, and they said they’d look up my paperwork and get back to me the following week. So I went to Craigslist and found Tom. He said it sounded like a virus so I drove over and dropped off my laptop with him, and asked Tom to also do a tune-up. I picked it up the next day and it’s running like new. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to any of my colleagues and friends. He was a life-saver!

  11. Sasha Kloss says:

    Tom is awesome! He replied to my inquiry in less than 5 minutes when I contacted him about my external hard drive which wasn’t connecting to my computer which I suspected was due to a port failure (apparently the usb ports are pretty fragile) and hoped not because my data had been lost. Tom instantly offered me options one what he can do: 1) check to see if data is on the drive, 2) eithr back up the data to another drive or transfer the original drive to a different case. He gave a pretty fair quote for each considering the amount of work that would be involved. I selected the option to transfer the actual hard drive from the manufacturer’s casing into one that Tom would provide (included in his quote) wihch is actually way better because it is easy to take apart so it can be reused and it even comes with a built in fan! While I took my hard drive to him, I figured I’d also have him tune up a laptop that has been collecting dust because it was soooo slow. I dropped both off and he said he’d contact me within 30 minutes to an hour with an update on whether my hard drive had data on it and sure enough, he called in less than an hour with the good news that it was just a broken port and he can transfer the drive and save all the data. He said he could have it ready in a few hours but I prefered to pick it up the next day. I got my hard drive and laptop and went home to test them out. My hard drive wouldn’t read again so I called Tom and he took me through all the necessary steps to get it working. My laptop wasn’t loading pages online but apparently he doesn’t check that since it’s not part of the tune up but he suggested to try another broser and of course it worked like a charm. So now I can write this review from my now favorite laptop which is no longer a pain to deal with because of how much faster it is running.

    Overall, I highly recommend Tom’s services. He’s dependable, punctual, and really knows his stuff! One thing I’d suggest is to make sure you clarify what his services and cost for those services include and potential unforseen fees (in case something takes longer than expected). Otherwise, if you have any computer related issue, Tom is the perfect guy for you! 😉

  12. Valentine Talamoni says:

    I found tom on craigslist, my computer was jacked up and was completely slow. He fixed it within an hour, and is working pretty fast and better.

  13. June Damen says:

    My laptop was running pretty slow, I brought it to Tom, and it’s running 25x’s faster now! This is the first tune up I have ever had on my laptop, and so happy I did it. I highly recommend Tom for any PC tune ups or problems. Excellent service, and works fast and efficiently, thank you Tom!

  14. Timothy Won says:

    Brought Tom my old Dell laptop that running slower than a cow. After Tom tuned up the laptop, the laptop is now running 20 times faster and just like new. Tom’s service was reasonably priced, has great and fast customer service, and is very knowledgable in working with PCs. I would definitely use him again, if I have another PC problem. Highly recommended!!!!!

  15. Scott Brumbaugh says:

    I found Tom on Craigslist also and brought him my old Dell which had stopped working.
    He went through it fixed everything and was done that day. Unbelievable!!
    His rates are great for what he does.
    when i got home everything worked better than when this PC was new, except i had another problem (not his fault) and called him brought it back he diagnosed the problem on the spot wit no extra charge but the part needed. It probably took him 15 minutes top maybe 10.

    I can highly recommend his services and will only be using him for all my computer needs.

  16. Adam Lucas says:

    I have been very happy with Tom’s service on my custom built computer. After my PC stopped operating Tom quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem (it was a faulty graphics card and some file corruptions). My interactions with him were very professional and he was articulate and able to explain in layman terms what the problem was. Furthermore, Tom has an interest in making your computer work at its top capacity. He performed his magic tune up and cleaned out the dust from the interior of the computer and installed some free anti virus software.

    I will be sure to contact Tom again. Finding a good trustworthy computer guru is priceless. Thanks Tom for your good work!

  17. George Chan says:

    I saw Tom’s ad on Craigslist regarding PC tune up. He said he can make an old PC even faster than when I first bought it. I took the PC to his house and came back 2 hours later. Wow! My computer was running faster than before! I will continue using Tom’s service. He’s the man!

  18. Ivy Lim says:

    I was referred to Tom by a friend of mine who had his laptop serviced and it is very fast now. Well, I decided to give Tom a try as my laptop speed is running slower and slower as it gets older and also there are tons of junk. Tom did a tune-up and added the protection software to filter all the junk/spam and now it is running at an incredible super speed, it downloads many times faster than when I bought my laptop 2 years ago. Tom price is reasonable, he is knowledgeable and he gets the job done right and fast. I dropped off my lap top and picked it up in a couple hours. I would highly recommend him. He really knew his stuff. Thanks, Tom.

  19. Jerry Posey says:

    Thanks Tom my laptop runs super fast. Took your advise deleted the Weebroot and installed Norton Anti Virus… Ciao

  20. Yuri Way says:

    A virus overtook my laptop, completely shutting it down. As a student who was in my finals, this was a worst case scenario. I was completely devastated and furious. I looked into Staples (too pricey and I needed my laptop back sooner than they were able to return it) as well as another individual on Craigslist offering computer services (he never responded to my emails). Then I found Tom’s Craigslist ad and consequently his website. I emailed him and he responded immediately, to my delight. Even better, he was available to fix my laptop the very next day. I had never done anything like this before (dropping my expensive “baby” off to a random stranger found on Craigslist), so as you can imagine I was apprehensive and prayed hard. I dropped my laptop off around 8pm the following night and by late afternoon the very next day, my laptop was ready for pickup. I think Tom stayed up all night working on it because he looked deadbeat tired when I picked it up. Tom established constant contact with me throughout the entire time he had my laptop, and whenever I called him he picked up immediately. I loved this. On top of cleaning up the virus, he diagnosed a few other problems that I had and with my approval, he fixed those problems, too. My laptop now runs beautifully. His rates are reasonable and he delivers. Please do not hesitate to enlist his help. Thank you Tom!

  21. Alison B. says:

    Tom did a fantastic job in tuning up my laptop. It’s speed is now extreme and I am able to run multiple programs at full capacity without a problem. Highly recommended.

    Thanks Tom

  22. Roy Roenbeck says:

    As a small business owner, Tom’s computer services have been a lifesaver to us. His technical knowledge & upgrade abilities are unparalleled. Tom can answer any question and solve virtually any problem with your PC and gets it running in optimum condition. His rates are reasonable and his service times are the fastest I’ve ever seen. If your computer is your lifeline, than you cannot afford to trust it to anyone other than Tom (and believe me, there are many “pretenders” out there who promise but cannot deliver!). He gets our finest recommendation.

  23. Matthew Kan says:

    Since the tune up I got, my computer is running so much faster than when I first got it. I can now run several programs without any lag. Thanks a lot! Highly Recommended!!!

  24. Maria Caoile says:

    i found tom through a co-worker and took an older laptop to him a couple of years ago. i was a believer since then! now, my newer laptop did some insane things on me and i didn’t know who else to call, but tom! he literally cleaned the inside of my computer (because i never have), did his tune up, and installed an anti-virus software on the computer. my machine does not look the same, but who needs all the bells and whistles that slowed down performance anyway? thannks, tom, for always being available 24/7!

  25. Sheila Miller says:

    My computer was lagging and taking forever to boot up, and obviously I had no idea how to fix it! Tom took care of everything. Now my laptop is running much faster than it did even when I first got it! I’d recommend him to anyone needing a tune up!

  26. Kerwin Dudley says:

    Found Tom on craigslist a few years ago when my desktop was under viral attack. Had him do his trademark tune up at the same time and I’ve been a believer ever since. My HP was instantly faster than it was when it was new. Since then, whenever I have a computer problem, I call him. He is 24/7 as advertised, always professional, reasonably priced, and with quick turn arounds. Don’t take unnecessary chances…just call Tom.

  27. Ted Mahl says:

    Got the ‘Blue Screen of Death,’ but Tom was able to replace the hard drive within a very tight deadline and save me from buying a new computer. Now it works better than ever. Thanks!!

  28. Rebecca Caoile says:

    tom rescued my laptop. he fixed it overnight and i got it back in time for work. my laptop works wonderfully now because of the tune-up and other suggested features he recommended. thanks tom.

  29. Synsys says:

    Talked to Tom and Saved $100.00’s of Dollar’s for Outstanding work, Thank You Tom! If You HAVE any problem’s Call Tom. He Fix Your computer, Better Then Brand New!

  30. Gavin Jacobson says:

    tom was amazing. fast service, truly 24/7. very cost conscientous- told me what i did NOT need to buy. the tune up service really worked on my desktop. he is definitely my go to person now- can’t wait to have him help me upgrade my home network and wireless.

  31. Joan Deepe says:

    Let me add a few words of praise for Tom. He did a wonderful job in picking out the equipment I needed and an excellent job in getting things up and running, and he comes when he says he’s coming, too!!
    Can’t do better than this guy, IMHO!!!

  32. Ravi Wilson says:

    After reading some of Tom’s reviews, I decided to give him a shot. All the hype is worthy. He is professional and prompt. He fixed my computer and gave it his special unique tune up. I’ve had my computer back for about a month and it is running like new with an enhanced performance engine. I will continue to use and recommend him to any who ask.

  33. Diane Mogannam says:

    Tom, thanks so much for doing a great job brining my laptop back to life! I was really concerned that I was going to have to buy a new computer but you reassured me that my HP is still a great laptop and with your magic at work, that it would serve me well for a long time still. And you were right!

    The computer is faster, working great and no problems since the day I picked it up from you.

    Great work, great service and man, do you know your stuff!

    Thanks again. DM

  34. David Draffin says:

    Tom saved my computer. Done overnight. My HP multimedia desktop had confounded everyone else but he located the defective ******* when no one else had even tested it. His tune-up was excellent and his general service is better than any I’ve found. I can’t recommend him enough. Please keep him in business so I never have to look for another technician!

  35. Chamberlain Lau says:

    Tom does a great job on my computer, he makes it 2x faster with his tune-up and always gets it done with in 24 hours. with out him I would need to buy a new computer.

  36. Laura Cervantes says:

    I originally hired another guy from CL to remove a virus i had. This idiot messed up my computer, removed a lot of my programs, and did not take the virus out. I then found Tom and explained what had happened. Tom patiently explained to me he could fix it, he also recommended the tune up. I took him both my desktop and laptop. After only 4 hours i had my computers back running faster than i have ever seen them before…and without a virus. Tom is honest and professional. Thank you Tom. I will ONLY use you from now on.

  37. Peter Harris says:

    Anyone out there with a computer they were getting ready to throw in the trash like me, don’t do it – there is hope. I had almost brand-new Dell and Toshibas and both were just garbage from day one. I called Tom, dropped off both and within a day, he had both computers back up and running faster and cleaner than they were brand new. He’s incredible and well-worth the money.

  38. Eric Kan says:

    MWHAHAHAHA my computer is faster than ever and NO MORE LAG thank you so much now i can run more than one game at a time AHAHAHAHA XD

  39. Cherry & Aneesh says:

    I had a virus on my laptop and my wife’s laptop was runnin slow. Tom fixed both our laptops within one day. Both laptops are running better and faster than when we first got them! Thanks Tom, you rock!

  40. Isaac says:

    Tom is a champion in his field. He seems to have all the answers. When you got a problem with your computer he does a great job: fast, reliable, and right the first time.

  41. Michael Bean says:

    Tom is awesome! My laptop stopped working. I dropped off my broken laptop Sat afternoon and picked up fixed the fixed laptop on Sun 7 AM in time for a business trip. He worked all Sat night! My laptop is better than ever! Aside from keeping great business hours (from my perspective, at least), he is knowledgeable and thorough and takes pride in his work.

  42. Tom Flanagan says:

    Tom has saved me a lot of frustration by getting my computer to run faster.. twice now. He’s very flexible and easy to work with. I can tell he’s organized because he had me saved in his phone when I called. I’d definitely recommend!

  43. I have known and used Tom’s services for almost 3, maybe 4 years now. During that time he has repaired 3 PC’s for me.

    There are many things that I like about working with Tom. He is very knowledgeable about diagnosing and repairing any problem I have ever had. He is also readily available at any time I call or send him an email – he responds very quickly. In addition, he has an amazing turn around time. Under most circumstances, he will return my PC’s fixed, repaired and running flawlessly in less than 24 hours.

    I recommend Tom’s services to anyone who has any issue with their PC’s, or needs a tune up to get their PC running at it’s peak performance.

  44. Gregg says:

    My daughter has been having problems with an extrememly slow computer at college. I was about to buy her a new one when I found Tom’s ad on CL. The tuneup sounded good and I read these great reviews from other so I figured I would give it a try. I brought to him and it was running great and ready within 6 hours. This older laptop now runs faster that my new one. Thanks TOM, I think I will be bringing you another laptop from one of my other girls soon.

  45. Dean L. says:

    I found Tom on craigslist. Great service. Always available to answer questions for you. I highly recommend him. Very knowledgeable with all hardware and software issues.

  46. Tom Johnson says:

    I was faced with a non-functioning computer and decided to play “Craigslist roulette” to find help. I liked Toms Web page and called him. He cleaned out the viruses which had caused my machine to halt and then I had him” tune it up” and it runs as good as new. He was quick to help and his service was courteous.

  47. Ricky Jackson says:

    I found Tom on craigslist and he was at my home within an hour. My computer was infected with tons of viruses and I thought my computer was done. Tom got rid of my viruses, didn’t wipe my computer so all of my files and programs was saved, and tuned my computer up. Now my computer works faster and better than ever! This guy really knows his stuff!

  48. Rhonnie says:

    My computer was hijacked by a virus and was also running super slow. I found Tom on Craigslist. I dropped off my computer at lunch-time and it was ready to pick up on my way home. Tom got rid of the viruses and tuned up my computer. My computer runs like new again, super fast and virus free! I’m recommending Tom to family and friends who need computer help. Thanks, Tom!!

  49. Benjamin Watson says:

    Today marked the third house call Tom has made for my home PC. First visit was about a year ago when I contacted him from Craigslist to clear off some outdated applications on a Dell I bought used from a friend. After we talked I agreed to try his complete tune-up. The machine literally doubled in speed afterward. Six months later I picked up a truly aggressive virus that “hijacked the browser” as Tom explained. He came out the same day and cleaned it out without formatting the PC. Most recently I ran into a problem with printer software. Again Tom showed up within 24 hours. This one turned out to be a tougher problem than he expected, caused by glitches in Dell’s own software. To make a long story short, Tom had to spend two unexpected hours finding a work-around, but he did not charge me for those hours. He only charged for the task he performed. He is smart and dedicated, and his prices are way low compared to what I see elsewhere. 100% recommended.

  50. Clay Shanks says:

    Found Tom on craigslist. After mailing about 5-6 other techs, I decided to go with Tom. He was prompt in replying to my initial mail and gave me a good price. Indeed he delivered on everything he promised. Originally, I went to him for virus removal. After talking to him for a bit, he convinced me to try out a tune up. Honestly, I didn’t think it would do much, but I can definitely see a difference in performance. Programs open and close quickly, the system reacts quickly to my commands and the overall performance has been increased. This is great for all the graphic work that I do. Would I recommend Tom? The answer is definitely yes. I would not give my money or time to one of the big guys ever again. Thanks Tom!

  51. Ronald Leung says:

    I found Tom from a friend of mine. he helped me remove some spyware and virus on my pc. also installed anti virus software. Got my PC back the very next day. I will recommend Tom to all my friends with computer problem. A+

  52. I found Tom on Craigslist while looking to get my computer system cleaned up and running fast. I strongly encourage anyone who needs to have the very best of the best service for their computer needs to contact Tom You.
    His work is incredibly fast and he is always willing to accommodate his clients. It is nice to find small businesses like his who put customer service and satisfaction at the top of their lists. I would and still do recommend Tom You for any and all computer needs… Tom, you have a customer for life!!
    Tiki Tsakiris
    Regional Account Manager
    Synactive, Creators of GuiXT Solution Suites for SAP
    950 Tower Lane, Suite 750 Foster City, CA 94404
    Tel: 650-341-3310 x 116 FAX: 650-341-3610
    Happiness is Making your SAP ERP system as easy to use as an ATM Machine!

  53. I own a business, and over the past several years we’re tried several IT consultants, everyone of them has lacked Tom’s ability to just solve the problem at hand.

    I recently found Tom on Craigslist and had him clean out my computer which was riddled with bugs and viruses to the point where it was almost useless. Other consultants said I’d have to have it completely scrubbed in order to clean out the viruses, Tom cleaned it out and tuned it up saving me hundreds of dollars and hours of lost time reloading software. I’ve since had 4 other computers serviced by Tom and everyone of them now works better than new. We will continue using Tom as our computer specialist.

    Alfredo Zaparolli
    Techlinea Inc.

  54. Thierry Kocher says:

    I had met Tom last year. He came to my place to fix my pc problems more then once. He his very patient and talented an a man we can count on…Always there for me within a couple of hours or so after my call to him. I highly recommend his services.

  55. Tiffany Perkins says:

    I meet Tom in 2007 asking if he could fix my computer. It had finally died I thought with no way to return. I was in the middle of midterms in college and couldnt afford to pay a company’s tech $40.00 an hour just to diagnose the problem. I found him initally on Craigslist. I didn’t have a car at the time so he came and got my computer and with in 2 hours had not only diagnose that it crashed completley, but had quoted me a price to fix it ,as well as, had all of the parts and tools to complete the job. That same day I got my computer back and he was reasonable with the price. Now I use him regularly for up keep and mantainance. Sometimes I can call and ask advice on certain software or other computer questions, and he will let me know if it is worth spending my money on . He is great!!! He is very dependable and skilled at his trade. I would recommend him to anyone; from the biggest computer problem to the smallest. He is worth doing good buisness with. HE IS THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Jenny Ng says:

    Found Tom through craigslist. Initially, didn’t think much of it but boy, am I glad I called him. He did beyond what I expected and was always available to answer any questions that I may have. Sometimes I even call him at 1am in the morning when something goes wrong (his call center is 24 hrs by the way). Definitely the guy you want to go to if you have any problems with your computer. If you want to improve your computer performance, go for his tune up service. My comp. is way faster than it started out and it def. made things easier when I ran multiple programs. Tom’s service is not dirt cheap but he’s worth every penny. You pretty much get what you paid for. Highly recommended!!!!

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